AGC | Digital Manufacturing Architect

Get to Know Us:

AGC Automotive Americas (AANA) is a leading supplier of automotive glazing for the OEM and aftermarket industries and is part of the AGC Group, the largest global glass supplier employing more than 50,000 worldwide in approximately 30 countries.


Expectations are high and team successes are celebrated. We believe in the power of skilled, engaged, and united teamwork backed by open, honest communication. Integrity matters most and is essential for building trust with teammates and with customers.

Summary of Position:

The Digital Manufacturing Architect will take a lead role in the design, installation, operation, and maintenance of digital transformation for our manufacturing processes. The successful candidate will create a strategy, roadmap, and plan to bring our Manufacturing 4.0 vision to life. This role is critical in building the digital landscape for all production facilities within AGC Automotive North America. The Digital Manufacturing Architect will drive integration of hardware and software technologies which enable the future of Digital Manufacturing and Predictive Analytics to improve quality, enable increased throughput and support innovation.

The Digital Manufacturing Architect will be responsible for providing strategic technical vision and developing the enabling control hardware, software, and IoT connectivity for AGC’s manufacturing processes. The role interfaces with internal and external business partners along with the IT community. The successful candidate will also be responsible for educating and guiding others on architectural standards, principles, methodology and trends.


  • Lead, execute and deliver efforts to design optimal manufacturing 4.0 system solutions by incorporating new technologies and existing hardware platforms
  • Leverage and deploy hardware and software technical solutions across all facilities in AANA
  • Identify specific areas where DX manufacturing and industry 4.0 solutions could provide substantial benefits (KPI improvements such as OEE, cost optimization, production uptime and quality improvements)
  • Ensure the correct utilization of technology platforms within manufacturing environments
  • Actively collaborate as a team member in a high performance, cross functional work team environment, including plant and corporate manufacturing technical resources, Engineering, and IT
  • Support adoption and implementation of IT/OT standards and improvement initiatives across the manufacturing enterprise
  • Provide knowledge transfer and training through project implementations regarding approved standards and practices for IT/OT systems, industrial networking, PLC’s, field devices, IoT solutions and manufacturing software platforms
  • Participate in troubleshooting and support to effectively resolve issues and deliver sustainable solutions in collaboration with plant technical team members
  • Apply automation skill and experience to design and build enterprise solutions on top of existing and new technology stacks
  • Establish and manage key vendor partnerships which support driving manufacturing digital transformation strategy creation and implementation


  • Desired degree in Engineering-related discipline or Computer Sciences
  • Relevant and applicable experience considered in substitute of formal degree
  • Leading systems integrations, managing manufacturing process control software solutions, supporting software and database systems
  • Experience with extended knowledge of core manufacturing processes and plant floor equipment and operations
  • Experience implementing IoT solutions impacting KPI’s such as OEE, cost reduction, downtime, and quality improvements
  • Experience with selection and procurement of new hardware, software, technology, and equipment to enhance data collection processes
  • Experience leading vendor evaluation, selection, and management efforts to support delivering technology solution implementations
  • Significant project experience working with Industrial Automation platforms, PLC hardware (PLC), Distributed Control Systems (DCS), Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) and Process Historians
  • Research and development of innovative methods for connecting with both new and old equipment & technology experience
  • Ability to articulate the benefit and structure of solutions from a business value perspective while understanding the technical aspects
  • Capability and understanding to support technical solutions which leveraging both on premise and cloud architecture
  • Knowledge of approved standards and practices for IT/OT systems, including network implementation, PLC’s, field devices and IT systems
  • Understand PLC layer, Windows based systems, Virtual Machine technology and how to apply these solutions to a regulated manufacturing environment
  • Proficiency in Industrial Networks Communication media and protocols (Ethernet, RS232/485, Ethernet IP, ControlNet, DeviceNet, Modbus, BACnet, and Profibus)
  • Ability to configure, maintain and support data centralized collection systems via high level communication protocols (OPC-UA/DA, MQTT, Ignition, Kepware, etc.)
  • Equipment data tag creation, mapping, scripting, and standardization
  • Complete programming of controls hardware to enable collecting business relevant process and equipment data
  • Strong knowledge of project management and software development methodologies.
  • General management skills necessary for planning, organizing and prioritizing workloads.
  • Adaptability and flexibility including ability to manage multiple priorities and work under deadlines.
  • Strong interpersonal skills; the ability to work well with people from many disciplines and with varying degrees of business and technical experience.
  • Strong leadership skills; ability to provide direction, motivation and feedback to employees; achieve project objectives through the work of others.
  • Excellent written and oral communication skills; ability to describe complex, highly technical issues using simple, clear, and precise language.

We’re looking for someone with:

Creativity – You possess the internal need to create and continually iterate.  You look at situations with an open mind and develop smart, efficient and often non-obvious solutions.

Innate Curiosity – You are naturally curious about cause-effect relationships, what-if scenarios, and why-done analysis.

Intuitive – You have the ability to see interconnections and dependencies between seemingly disparate pieces.  You can identify a missing element and/or gap based on general logic, even without having specific knowledge or experience in the subject.

Self-Educating – In addition to formal training opportunities, you possess an internal drive to identify areas of missing knowledge and independently close gaps.

Internally Motivated – You have an internal drive based on interest and/or self-imposed expectations.

Humble / Customer Serving – You embody our mission to enable the customer facing teams to be successful.  You understand that our customer’s failure is, at least on some level, our failure.

What can AGC Offer You?

We offer a competitive compensation package including base salary, structured bonus plan, comprehensive benefits, and opportunities for career advancement.

Equal Opportunity Employer  –  To be considered, applicants must be legally authorized to work in the United States.