AGC | Senior Cost Analyst, Farmington Hills, MI


Product Costing Process

  • Participate in Gate -1, Gate 0, launch kick-off meetings, design review meetings, etc.
  • Review OEM documents provided with RFQ
  • Collect, understand and review required data from product engineering, purchasing, manufacturing and supply chain
  • Ensure that the product Bill of Material (BOM) is complete. Review BOM assumptions for reasonableness.
  • Evaluate part geometry design (glass, assembly/encapsulation, components), Tolerances, etc. and with support of NMTD Engineering team
  • Review business volume, program life, start of production date, manufacturing location and delivery assumptions.
  • Understand manufacturing machine cycle, labor, indirect costs, scrap, equipment and tooling for reasonableness.
  • Develop product cost:  material usage, material cost, machine cycle, labor, efficiency assumptions, scrap, capital requirements, depreciation assumptions, tooling and logistic requirements for new business and for changes to current business as required.
  • Complete make/buy studies on purchased products as needed
  • Populate and understand the cost model tool used to generate cost estimates and continuously work to refine and improve the tool
  • Provide financial insight on balancing equipment automation and labor.
  • Set targets for purchased items.
  • Provide costing support for advanced engineering projects.
  • Provide detailed analysis of various manufacturing and volume scenarios for review by Sr Leadership
  • Understand specific details of manufacturing lines, plants and processes along with the positives and negatives of each option and the impacts on the overall cost of a product
  • Work effectively with a cross-functional team including Sales, Manufacturing, Program Management, Purchasing, Supply Chain Management, Process Technology and Finance

Financial Responsibilities

  • Communicate and educate the organization on the overall cost
  • Participate in yearly overhead rate study for all manufacturing locations.
  • Can walk year over year rate changes.
  • Works with Finance Team to develop transfer pricing on an annual basis.
  • Bridge quote cost data and standard cost data as needed.
  • Understand the Capital Appropriation Request (CAR) process and can complete a CAR.

Product Costing System

  • Develop and maintain policies, procedures, and work instructions for product costing requirements to increase cost accuracy and reduce lead-time for product cost quotations.
  • Assist with organization of cost models in SharePoint (initiation of folders, change of status, etc…).
  • Maintain product cost historical database.


  • Ability to recognize the audience and deliver audience-appropriate presentations.
  • Support regional, global and corporate initiatives (e.g. design for assembly, continuous improvement projects, manufacturing footprint studies)
  • Understand AGCNA Auto product cost position within the market.
  • Actively contribute to departmental initiatives/process improvements to enhance the overall department's effectiveness.
  • Utilize various computer systems such as SAP, MAPICS, Teamcenter, and Excel to work as effectively as possible


  • 4-year degree in Finance, Accounting, Business or Engineering.  MBA or CPA preferred.
  • 2-5 years’ experience in finance, engineering, or manufacturing.
  • In-depth understanding of key financial measure: IRR, ROA, ROS, NPV, Contribution Margin
  • Must possess highly effective analytical skills in areas of accounting, critical thinking, analysis and communication.
  • Must have the ability to work effectively under pressure and meet timely deliverables
  • Must be proactive and flexible to meet changing demands
  • Must be results-oriented, energetic, proactive and a team player
  • Ability to effectively breakdown a cost estimate to identify high-cost drivers and present for discussion with management
  • Automotive manufacturing experience is a plus
  • Proficient in Microsoft Office Excel

We offer a competitive compensation package including base salary, structured bonus plan, comprehensive benefits, and opportunities for career advancement.

Equal Opportunity Employer – To be considered applicants must be legally authorized to work in the U.S.